The Kingfish is a 1985 18' Hobie Cat that Sam Conkling and Matt Bitterman are actively working to sail up the East coast via the inland waterways.

The project's entity – the Harry Pidgeon Production Co. – was formed in the Spring of 2011 at the Kingfish Pub in Oakland, California over a round of Hamm's. With the initial investment of a $1200, the company rounded up a sun blanched Coleman Hobie, pair of retro trapeze harnesses, and galvanized trailer, and after a month's efforts sanding, fiberglassing, painting, and rigging, the good ship Kingfish hit the road on a cannon ball run to Key West, Florida.

The ambitions for the trip are now deceivingly simple: take this catamaran, a motorless, open, sail boat as far north as the wind, weather, and crews' wills allow to New York, NY, with a camera hanging in the shrouds, rolling continuously to record the changing landscape.

Matt & Sam appreciate your interest and support; thanks for checking out the website and stay tuned for updates.